While not a lot of people know about it, there's a lot more to Russian cinema, than Tarkovski. In fact, the movies that Russians hold closer to heart are the comedies. During the Soviet times many comedies became so incredibly popular that quotes from them have been ingrained in the the language forever. Unfortunately, as the USSR fell apart so did the genius of moviemaking. Only a handful of modern movies can at least compare to the old ones. I took it upon myself to translate some of these movies into English, so that perhaps people see that Russians aren't always grumpy, and have a great sense of humour.


A movie based on an extremely popular play by "Quartet i" - a small troop of actors that write relatable and true to life stories. This movie was the first adaptation of one their plays, and - in my opinion - conveys very accurately how the country works as a whole.

 A group of collegues who work for a famous radio station are tasked with leading an election campaign for a governer
for one of Russia's regions. You'd think that it would go as badly as one would expect, except we're in Russia, so anything
can happen.


Another movie based on a play by "Quartet i". I'm obviously a fan. Also... COMING SOON.