Dixy is one of the biggest discouner supermarket chains in Russia. After a major rebranding, Dixy was in need of new positioning on the market. Something different from all of its competitors. Something that people would associate with goodness and comfort. Something neighbourly.

Agency:  Saatchi & Saatchi Russia
Client: Dixy
ECD: Stuart Robinson
AD: Alexandr Bazhenov, Daria Rustambekova
CW: Tatiana Moseeva

STORY: In the past, people used to know their neighbours. They were there for the good times and the bad in your life. You could always borrow a cup of sugar from them or maybe an egg when you were short for your saturady breakfast.

To bring back the warm feeling of neighbourhood and community, Dixy created a campaign with a well known protagonist: Klara Zakharovna. A character from a very famous comic show, Klara encompassed all the important features of a neighbour that we all grew up with: a bit nosy, a bit gossipy but really meaning well and most importantly always there.