Contemporary art has always been a divisive topic. A lot of people feel intimidated by it, because they think that they don't understand it. They don't see all those things that art critics describe in their reviews, and so they avoid it. How can we bring contemporary art closer to people and eliminate this uneasiness? 

AD: Daria Rustambekova
CW: Francesca Van Haverbeke

STORY: We invited people to start their own conversation about contemporary art, without limitations or judgement. If the point of art is to evoke emotions and feelings, then people needed to have a way to tell us about them.

With the help of the biggest art contemporaty art museums, such as MoMA and the TATE, we created an app that allowed people to express their opinion on the art around them.


While walking around the museum, any person could just scan the art piece in front of them and read all the comments that people have left about this piece of art. What it reminds them off, how it makes them feel and whether it really does look like the colpse of modern society or just red square.


The app also prompted the users to leave their own observations and contribute to the community.


The most interesting comments were collected into Art Books sold inside musem gift shops.